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How to Upscale your AI-generated Image

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    As of August 2023, 15.5 billion AI images have been generated, showing the increasing popularity of AI image generator and their involvement in our daily lives. Currently, many AI image generators are available; some are free, while others charge a fee. However, the main problem with these AI images is their resolution, which is not suitable for website design, printing, and other purposes.

    The simple solution is using, free upscaling tools to make images suitable according to your requirements.

    What is Image Upscaling?

    In simple words, image upscaling is the process of enlarging images without affecting their quality. With the help of upscaling, the images become more presentable for larger formats such as film, TV, and static images are usually upscaled to display on screens and HDTVs.

    You can upscale image using different tools available online that leverage the power of AI. Such tools work by increasing the pixel sizes and format of the image to enhance its quality and resolution. Moreover, these tools also aid in improving the sharpness and clarity of the images in only a few clicks.

    How to Upscale Your AI-generated Image in a Few Steps

    When you generate an AI image that accurately represents your thoughts and imagination, you can enhance this picture to ensure it is of high quality and presentable. Go through the steps written below and enhance your images with Image Upscaler within seconds.

    Step 1: Upload Your Image

    Firstly, upload your AI-generated image by clicking on ‘Upload Image’. You can select from various formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, WEBP, or BMP.

    Step 2: Start Processing

    Now that you have uploaded an image, select how many times you want to upscale an image and click on ‘Start Processing’. This tool provides a seamless way to upscale images 2,4,6 and even 8 times without compromising the quality of the image.

    Step 3: Preview Your Upscaled Image

    Wait about 10-40 seconds to see the result. If you are satisfied with the picture, download it and use it wherever you want.

    The Advantages of Upscaling AI Images

    With the advent of artificial intelligence in almost every field, the way we perceive different visuals and scenarios has changed immensely. Today, image upscaling is not only limited to enlarging images. It is more about preserving the overall visual appearance. Let’s explore the additional advantages of image enhancement.

    1.    Preserving Quality

    The major advantage of upscaling AI images through the AI upscaling tools is that they maintain the quality of images. While others, the traditional image upscaling methods result in a loss in quality and pixelation.

    When AI-generated images are upscaled through these tools, it uses neural networks to fill out the missing details and enhance the overall aesthetic of the generated image. This helps in not only maintaining the image quality but also enhancing it.

    2.    Time-Saving and Efficient

    When you are a professional photographer, and you have to deal with a large volume of pictures daily, or you belong to a marketing agency where you need to see your ideas visually instantly so that you can show them to the clients, you can take help from the AI image generation tools.

    However, the issue with these pictures is that their resolution is not good. To that end, you can use an AI image upscaling tool to enhance your AI images instantly, even in bulk.

    3.    Preparation for Printing

    Though AI-generated images are different and reflect your creativity, the major issue is they are small in size and can not fit the requirements of various printing patterns. But you can quickly change it using AI tools like Image Upscaler, which makes enlargement convenient and fast.

    How Image Upscaler Preserves the AI-generated Image Quality?

    The algorithms of Image Upscaler work on advanced mechanisms, specifically deep convolutional neural networks. These algorithms intelligently fill out the missing details while upscaling the AI-generated images.

    In addition, the upscaling technology is designed to increase the resolution of the picture and improve its sharpness and clarity. This reduces the chances of issues such as loss of clarity and pixelation.

    Final Wordings

    When you are looking for AI image generation or upscaling options, there is no better tool than Image Upscaler. This tool not only offers a quick way of generating AI images but you can also upscale images in just clicks.

    The best part is that the tool is free to use for the first few trials, so you can be completely sure about the outcomes before enjoying the perks of its premium packages.

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