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How to find the best free graphic resources on Creative Fabrica?

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    Do you have a brilliant idea for an app, website, or logo but can’t find a creative team to help bring it to life? Creative Fabrica is the biggest platform where creative professionals connect with businesses. Creative Fabrica makes it easy to find graphic design resources to help you with your project. Making it easier than ever, you never need to start any project from scratch. You will find all the items you need, from graphic resources to fonts, design templates and even classes if you need some. However, not every item on Creative Fabrica is free. So, in this article, we will share with you how to find the best free graphic resources on Creative Fabrica for your next project.

    What are graphic resources?

    Graphic design resources are the building blocks of any design project. These resources like text, logos and images can be used in any given situation. On Creative Fabrica, you will find many different types of design resources to suit your needs. 

    Logos: The first thing people see when they visit your site. Your logo will tell potential customers much about your brand, so it’s essential to get it right. You can find a wide selection of logo templates on Creative Fabrica. 

    Mockups are images used to create a more realistic feel for your product or website. Mockups include laptop/iPad screens, CDs, books, posters, etc. You can find mockups on Creative Fabrica ready to be used in your design, or you can create your own and find collaborators there to help you create a mockup you’ve always wanted. 

    Fonts: There are many situations where the font is a critical design element. 

    From slogans to product descriptions, font is often used to convey critical information that can make or break your design or message. Fonts can be imported into any design software to be used as a logo, as a text for a website or printed materials, and many more. You can find free fonts on Creative Fabrica ready to be used in your design. Sometimes you will find exclusive fonts only on Creative Fabrica that won’t be found anywhere else. The unique thing about Creative Fabrica is that you can see any font displayed on a theme or a background that reflects the atmosphere of the font. Usually, this helps me to choose a font faster for my idea.

    Design Assets: Design assets are items that are used in design but are not necessarily images. Design assets include patterns, icons, maps, charts, graphs, and data. If you are creating a website, app, or even paper or printed materials, you will need design assets to help you creatively convey your message.

    Free Bundles on Creative Fabrica

    Bundles are a collection of design resources to make an even better deal for you. You will find many bundles created by other graphic designers on Creative Fabrica. The fantastic thing about bundles is that they provide wide varieties in one file for the same niche. For example, you will find a Raven clipart bundle, which provides you with about 15 graphic resource files of Ravens, all in one file. Another bundle contains 45 Van illustrations of different Van styles, again in one file. 

    Working with these bundles saves you lots of time in finding the best and most suitable graphic resource element for your idea and can also provide you with many ready designs for your niche. In other words, if you have an online T-shirt store in the Outdoors niche, one single bundle would allow you to create multiple designs in a concise time.

    You will find many free bundles under the freebies section on However, you might need to go through over 300,000 free items in the freebies section to find what you want. So the trick is to go to the search bar and write down “free bundle” in addition to the niche you are looking for. For example, you can search for “Dogs free bundle,” “Cats free Bundles,” and so on. By doing that, You will find a wide selection of free bundles on Creative Fabrica that are ready to be downloaded.

    When you find a bundle you like, you can click the “add to cart” button, and they will all be delivered to your account as one download.

    Free Classes on Creative Fabrica

    Design isn’t just about finding the correct design elements for your project. Sometimes, you may need to learn how to use those elements properly in your design software or how to use specific design elements in your design software to create something entirely new. You can find classes on Creative Fabrica ready to be used in your design. You can also find many free craft classes under the freebies section on Creative Fabrica. If you still need more, you can get unlimited access to all classes for only USD 7.99/month. 

    Free SVGs on Creative Fabrica

    SVG stands for scalable vector graphics, which means it’s an image that can be resized without losing quality. You can find SVGs on Creative Fabrica that are ready to be used in your design, many of which are under the freebies section. 

    I use SVG files when designing t-shirts for my clients or my YouTube videos. The SVG files can be used on software like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop and can also be edited in beginner-friendly tools like Canva or Kittl. 

    Enable Notifications to check daily freebies

    If you want to ensure that you don’t miss out on any free design resources on Creative Fabrica, you should enable notifications. Every day, many new free graphic resources and design elements are added to the freebies section. However, you can get access to everything on Creative Fabrica with a full access subscription of USD 29/Month. If you subscribe through the link below, you can get the first month for only USD 1, and starting from the second month, you will be back to the average rate. 


    To sum up, Creative Fabrica is the only place you need to boost your design skills or create special crafting projects and save a lot of time in your design process. It has more than 300,000 graphic and web resources that are available to use for free. Downloading bundles saved me lots of time over the last couple of years and gave me various design options. I forgot to mention that all items on Creative Fabrica have a commercial license. In other words, you won’t have to be afraid of copyright violations anymore.

    What are you waiting for? Head now to and check the freebies section. 

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