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Kittl Review 2022: All you need to know about Kittl

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    Kittl is a graphic design platform and tool built to make complex design easier. And in this Kittl review, we are going to give you a brief overview of Kittl. Kittl is a graphic design platform and tool built to make complex design easier. Browse thousands of ready-to-use templates, fonts, and graphic elements. Apply single-click effects and use them for any project. No graphic design experience is required.

    Kittl is an easy-to-use graphic design platform and tool built to make complex design easier. It’s great for designers of all levels, from the beginner to pro. Its main features are:

    1. Use thousands of beautiful templates, fonts, and design elements.
    2. Create stunning graphics for any use case.
    3. Get your project started from scratch or by using ready-made templates.
    4. Intuitive drag-and-drop editor with simple shortcuts.
    5. Fast and intuitive layering and colouring tools.
    6. Community features help discover trends and share your portfolio with the world.
    7. Create for any use case (logos, labels, illustrations, posters, cards, web banners, social media posts, etc.).
    8. Download in any format (PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG).

    Traditional design tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and co. are too complex and take a long time to learn. Other options like Canva are too basic for creators. Kittl is bridging this gap. It empowers everyone to create stunning designs right in their browser.

    Kittl Review: No graphic design experience is required.

    It can be used for any design project, ranging from designing logos, labels, posters, social media posts, and cards to DIY projects or anything else design related.

    Kittl has been built by designers for designers, with the goal to empower everyone to create. Unique is the templates library of over a thousand high-quality templates and more than 15.000+ design elements that have all been designed by professional designers and are fully vectorized.

    Another feature which makes Kittl stand out is the community features. Users can browse all templates which were created and published by other users. If they like any, they can jump right in, edit it to their needs and download it for any use case.

    With its simple drag and drop features, Kittl truly empowers everyone to create professional designs without the headache of learning complex design tools.

    It is the first web-based artistic graphic design software, taking away the complexity associated with designing with Adobe Illustrator while possessing design functions like it. Try it yourself.

    Kittle Review: T-shirt Designs On Kittl

    Kittl Review
    Kittl Review

    Although Kittl allows you to start designing from scratch using an easy and user-friendly design interface, one of the great options on Kittl is the opportunity to use ready-made templates to design from. In other words, you will find hundreds of great T-shirt templates that you can use and change the font, text, graphics, and colours and produce your own designs accordingly. This helps you to save time and effort and, at the same time, provides you with a starting point.

    The T-shirt templates on Kittl are unique. Two of the top T-shirt templates that are found on Kittl are the following:

    Tattoo T-shirt Templates

    The custom of marking bodies with permanent designs is probably as old as mankind itself, or at least very ancient. The oldest tattoos ever found belong to Otzi the Iceman – a guy who lived 5,300 years ago. Tattoo graphics have evolved over the centuries into a wide variety of styles with many different forms and meanings.

    When it comes to tattoos nowadays, you don’t necessarily need a needle, ink, and pain anymore. No need to make a long-lasting decision, as you can easily change your tattoo like your underwear. Just put on one of your favorite tattoo design T-shirts made by your best friend: yourself!

    Though Kittl has outgrown the style of Ed Hardy, who made the tattoo T-shirt famous in the 2000s, there has been an emerging trend since. Tattoos now not only adorn the body but all sorts of apparel as well. They express feelings, cultures, and current issues, which can be status symbols, signs of religious beliefs, or declarations of love to your girl, boy, or even Mum ❤️.

    Kittl Review: Inspiration is critical.

    No matter if you love old-school symbols like skulls, snakes, and anchors or fancy a more minimalistic design – tattoo magazines, art books, and many more sources will help you to define your style. Take a close look at your surroundings. You can soak in the current Zeitgeist, which may inspire you to some trendsetting ideas. Ask yourself: Which symbols and what kind of text should be included in my tattoo T-shirt design? Do I like banners and ornaments, or do I want a clean, simple look? Which colour combinations are ideal for my purpose?

    Looking for lovely illustrations you can use? Kittl elements library is full of them. Besides illustration sets like Skulls, Traditional Tattoos, Banners, and Animal Drawings, you can search for tags like a moth, flower, rose, anchor, tiger, eagle, and more to find your favorites.

    Try some tattoo templates from here after you signup for a free account.

    Vintage T-shirt templates.

    Kittl provides a great number of Vintage T-shirt design templates. Thanks to endless print and design possibilities, the T-shirt – originally designed as an undergarment and never meant to be seen by others – has become a form of personal expression. Whether you like road trips, going fishing on weekends or hiking through the forest, you can show your favorite things to do and places by making outdoor adventure design T-shirts.

    Besides hand-drawn motifs like iconic landscapes, wild animals, or outdoor supplies, you can add more natural elements like a sunburst to your custom design. For your color choice, it is always a good idea to go for earthy shades and green hues. Have you tried our color palettes yet? “Deep Wood”, “Earth Brown”, or “Natural Organic” are perfect for your project. Does your design feature a lake or the sea? Go for “Ocean Sun” then.

    Fonts on Kittl

    Kittl provides a combination of unique heritage-type fonts that can’t be found anywhere else. These fonts will cost you at least a hundred bucks if you want to have them on your own. At the same time, Kittl provides you with the option to upload your own fonts to use while designing on Kittl.

    Kittl Vs Canva

    Both Kittl and Canva are online tools for non-advanced designers that allow them to produce designs without the background experience and knowledge needed. However, comparing both tools, I would say that Kittl provides complex end results and art that can’t be provided by Canva. You can create designs on Kittl that look precisely like designs produced on Photoshop by the hands of experienced artists in a matter of minutes. However, although you can still get beautiful designs on Canva, the complexity of the designs you can create is limited.

    If we compare both tools in terms of pricing, both are almost the same if you decide to use the first paid plans on both websites.

    Canva T-shirt Design: Everything you need to know

    Kittl Review: Pros Vs Cons

    Pros: Kittl provides you with an easy-to-use interface, that can be mastered in under 45 minutes. It does not need to have designing background or experience, and still you will manage to produce amazing designs. Also, Kittl comes with heritage-type fonts that can’t be fonts anywhere else. Also, the pro plan is relatively cheap compared to other similar software.

    Cons: Kittl does not provide complete masking/cropping of the graphics used. In other words, you might need to do some adjustments to your designs in illustrator or photoshop to get the perfect result. However, this only applies if you are an advanced designer that is looking for a similar design experience to Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

    Kittl Pricing:

    Kittl offers three plans:

    1. Free Plan: includes 10 projects and 50MB upload space, along with full use of the element library and commercial licence.

    2. Pro Plan: includes 50 projects and 1GB upload space, and high-resolution export files like JPG, PNG AND vector export, as well as licences and elements of the Free plan. It comes at $15/month.

    3. Expert Plan: unlimited projects plus 10GB upload space. Plus, all benefits of Pro Plan. Costs $30/month.

    Note: There is a discount if plans are booked on an annual base.

    Kittl Video Tutorials:

    You can watch some Kittle tutorials on Youtube to understand how Kittl works. Watch the video below to get a grasp.


    That’s it for our Kittl Review! You now know everything there is to know about Kittl. Now that you know what the platform is, you should be able to decide if it is right for you! If you are more of an illustrator than a designer, spend some time exploring the available tools and you will find some good options. If you think you might be able to get some design work done with Kittl, sign up for a free account and see how it goes!

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